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I can still vividly remember when my friends told me that I have an eye for detail while doing excel sheets. I  I started thinking on how I can creatively apply it and being able to leverage it. When I turned 16, I got my first DSLR and has been fascinated on how a piece of equipment can capture a snapshot of our lives.

I started FMU Photography at Claflin University as a way for me to connect with people and improve self  awareness by delivering high quality images that captures their emotions.

With years of expertise, I consider photography as a way to bring back the nostalgic memories in your life. I want you to be able to look back at the images and remember the happiness and fun we had.

“Hospitabile, Exceptional Photography Skills”

I worked with Frederick at Claflin University, where I was an exchange student from India. He immediately made me felt at home and I am still astounded by his personality. His photography skills are exceptional and I cannot wait to work with him again.
Rhea Sabharwal


Photography has always been a way to express myself. Just think about it, what can be a better way to describe a captivating landscape than showing an actual picture of it? Book a session with me! You won’t regret it!


When you shoot with me, you will receive authentic high quality digital images. Each image is touched up with an editing style and is delivered through a dropbox.


I will work with you! As a college student, I know how it is like paying so many bills! Contact me and we will work the payment out! 

My Work

It does not matter if it is your first time, second time, or if you are a professional! I will work with you on posing, having fun, and even your wardrobe selection! 

Our motto

"The camera is the least important element in photography.

Julius Shulman


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